About Us

    About Us – Our Story

    At Jimano’s Pizzeria we strive daily to establish ourselves as the neighborhood pizzeria of choice serving Chicago-Style Deep Dish and a whole lot more…

    From 1997 to the present the Jimano’s team has successfully opened numerous Jimano’s Pizzeria in the Chicagoland marketplace. Chicago is undoubtedly known for its excellence in pizza; so the Jimano’s team knew to compete with some of the biggest names in pizza they had to produce an outstanding pie. But the Jimano’s team took it a step further though and recognized that customer service was as important as product quality.

    Proudly, Jimano’s is now included in the list of the best pizza chains in the Chicagoland market winning numerous awards for product quality and neighborhood contributions not only in Illinois but now in other states including Colorado and Wisconsin. In fact, Jimano’s Pizzeria won Best Pizza in Denver by ABC’s Channel 7 after only being open for 4 months in the Denver market!

    So with a strong base of company stores and a growing list of in state and out of state franchise locations the nationwide franchise expansion of Jimano’s Pizzeria began.

    Today’s customers want a fun, fast dining experience with hearty, home-style food, not fast food. Our menu is where Jimano’s really delivers. Jimano’s has perfected traditional family recipes, including homemade Italian sauces for our pizzas and pastas and our own specialty sauces for “fall-off-the-bone” baby back ribs and spicy buffalo wings.

    At Jimano’s Pizzeria, we strive to make the perfect pizza from our homemade, hand-tossed dough to the finest and freshest ingredients! We offer our customers what they want – their choice of great ingredients or a selection of specialty pizzas with thin, double dough, deep dish or stuffed crust. Then, we bake it to perfection or as we say, “Perfetto!”

    It’s “Perfetto!” that makes Jimano’s enjoy a highly loyal customer base. To learn more about the Jimano’s Pizzeria experience visit one of our nationwide locations.